Work Safe Inspections


WorkSafe Victoria is the government body appointmented to oversee the implementation of the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Legislation.To visit the Government WorkSafe site click here.

WorkSafe Inspections are an integral part of the compliance program implemented by WorkSafe.

WorkSafe Safe Work Method Statements are developed with the sole purpose of improving safety within the workplace.Chainsaw - SAFE WORK PROCEDURESThe Purpose of a Safe Work Method Statment is to give employees and contractors a presice guide for how to operate plant and equipment safely. Part of any OHS System includes Safe Work Method Statments for any equipment that is used by workers.


Effective OHS Implementation includes considering the risks, and implementing improvements within the workplace to reduce hazards.

Once a workplace realises the necessary daily steps that need to be implemented in order to maintain a Safe Work place the next step is to insure that everyone within the workplace follows these steps.

This is where a written Safety Work Method Statement comes into action. By having a standard set of Safe Work Policies and Safe Work Method Statements referring to the appropriate workplace, it creates an agreement for employees and contractors to adhere to whilst working. Each employee should sign off on a OHS Policy Manual, and they should also sign off on each OHS Procedure that relates to their workplace responsibilites.

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